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Reglas (Big Endian[1])#

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All activity performed within GuayaHack by its members is aimed to comply with Memorial.

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Respect, cordiality and intellectual integrity among members in their interactions take precedence over everything.

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Willingness to learn and knowledge are the purpose that brings members together. Each member has valuable information from their experience and should share it, to the best of their ability, without restraint in order to contribute to the growth of others.

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The activities, challenges and dynamics generated within the community are given non-profit and are governed under the open use license with attribution.

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The participation of all members is voluntary and, while collectively guided, as far as possible autonomous and will be given according to their capabilities and availability.

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In order to facilitate effective and efficient learning and mutual understanding, all participants will use the most precise and detailed language possible and the most public and far-reaching manner available; in 1-1 conversations two learn in 1-N conversations:

\[\begin{split} \begin{align} \text{Let } \alpha&:=\text{learning rate}\\ \text{Let } n&:=\text{participants}\\ &\therefore\\ \lim_{n \to +\infty} \alpha(n) &= \infty\\ \end{align} \end{split}\]

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In order to perpetuate the viability of the space into the future, members will always endeavor to document, record, codify and share their tools, techniques and procedures in whatever form and space are appropriate to do so.

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Discussions centered on politics, religion and sex, although topics with social relevance, divide and often generate conflict. GuayaHack is not the place for such discussions.

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The Moderadores - S.A.P.O.S will be able to flag, remove and filter content that deviates from the main theme of the community in all forms and in all spaces.

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These rules do not exist in order to perpetuate its own existence, but in order to ensure that GuayaHack complies with its Memorial and will be modified as necessary.

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All activity conducted by, on and with GuayaHack is for the purpose of educating its members and they in turn are under an obligation to use their knowledge solely for ethical and lawful purposes.

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Our official means of communication is the Discord server. Through the platform we will manage spaces, discussions, meetings and so on. Also, all relevant events will be published in Calendario, Noticias GuayaHack and #rules. Contacting members outside of Discord without them expressing interest is unacceptable.