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GuayaCamp 2024 🚀#


👋 Greetings Internet Citizen!#

On January 13, 2024 we will celebrate our first integration at GuayaHack! GuayaCamp will be a day of conferences about technology, programming, learning, professional life and more; This will take place in Medellín, Colombia.


This is an example This page is a direct translation of its Spanish equivalent and might be out-of-date or out-of-sync until the day of the event. Please refer to the Spanish version of our GuayaCamp planning post, its final version will be translated to English once the details are finalized and posted here.

Beep Bop !^$% GuayaHack#

This page contains all the essential information about GuayaCamp; other details will be discussed in the Planning Issue. In case of questions or suggestions, write to us at Discord or at info@guayahack.co.

¡ Sign-up and connect with the community!#

In order to ensure accurate planning and a pleasant space, it is of utmost importance that all attendees register in a timely manner.

The deadline for registration, and monetary contributions for pizza lovers, is December 1, 2023. Registration and contributions on the day of the event will be possible as long as there is space for more participants.

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¿When, Where y How Much?#


📅 GuayaCamp 2024 will take place as a hybrid event on Saturday 2024-01-13 and the volunteer moderator meetup will be in El Retiro, Colombia the next day.

📍 The cycle of unconferences will take place in BY DEFINE and the integration of the moderators be held at Finca Las Cordilleras.

📹 Recordings of the event, when available, will be available through 🔗 Zoom and 🔗 Youtube

💰 Access is ‘free’ but requires registration. In order to organize an event that everyone enjoys, voluntary contributions of 50,000 | 100,000 | 200,000 COP are welcome and include pizza 🍕 and a drink 🍹.


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The agenda corresponding to the event’s own calendar also It is embedded directly here 👇


@jdsalaro, @Mcveigth, @DavidQP, @davidadarme.

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Details for Moderators#

Logistics and others#

This is the previous Survey Issue where we decided to organize and carry out GuayaCamp; our space and conference series to socialize and learn among members and stakeholders of the community.


The moderators and volunteers will arrive in Medellín during January 11 or 12.

Moderators and volunteers#

The moderators and volunteers will stay at 📍 Finca Las Cordilleras.


Participants and community members can request to join to spend the night of January 13 and the morning of January 14 with the moderators in the field 🌳


Most of the moderators and volunteers will leave Medellín during January 14 or 15.


The transportation of the moderators and volunteers from Medellín and to 📍 Finca Las Cordilleras will be carried out by GuayaHack.

Terms and conditions of Guayacamp#

  1. Payments and Budgetting:

    • Contributions will be received through a designated bank account or online payment platforms, such as Nequi, Paypal, etc. and their use communicated transparently to the community.

    • A log of expenses will be maintained in order to make good use of the resources collected

  2. Accommodation:

    • For moderators and volunteers, share arrival and departure dates with prior notice

    • Those who receive accommodation and maintenance support, try to have responsibility and be flexible with the logistics of GuayaCamp

  3. Transportation:

    • Agree on meeting points between participants for greater efficiency in the transportation of participants.

  4. Activities and schedules:

    • Be flexible and adapt to everyone’s interests while preparing activities or excursions together.

    • Consult the event agenda and show punctuality to avoid unnecessary delays.

  5. Emergencies and contact:

    • Exchange phone numbers and emergency contact details.

  6. Cancellation Policy:

    • For moderators, notify the team in advance to cancel your accommodation request or participation in the activity

  7. Code of conduct and conflict resolution:

    • Creating a friendly environment is on all of us

    • Respect the personal space of others, pay attention to the cleanliness of all the spaces used as well as the noise level.

    • Address conflicts and disagreements in a respectful and friendly manner, prioritizing group harmony.

    • The use, possession, distribution or purchase of psychoactive substances and narcotics is strictly prohibited in GuayaCamp facilities.

    • At GuayaHack we reserve the right to prohibit the participation of members or external parties who violate this code of conduct and the terms of the event.

  8. Compliance with local laws:

    • Remind everyone to respect local laws and regulations during travel.

It is important that all GuayaCamp participants agree to these terms and conditions before starting the trip. Open communication and mutual respect are key to making the trip successful and enjoyable for everyone.